Innovations to Maintain Integrity and Maximize Investment in Biospecimens

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Twelfth International Leaders in Biobanking Congress addresses biospecimen science, management, and applications, bringing together biomedical and biopharmaceutical researchers, regulators, biorepository managers and practitioners to investigate the best strategies for effective use of biospecimens within today’s cutting-edge biomedical research, leading to the goal of personalized medicine.

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Meeting the Biospecimen Supply Needs of the Future

Cambridge Healthtech Institute and Co-host Intermountain Healthcare are proud to announce the Twelfth International Leaders in Biobanking Congress. Salt Lake City is home to several world-class and pioneering research resources such as electronic medical records (HELP2), genealogy (FamilySearch), pedigrees (The Utah Population Database), and population genomics (HerediGene). The Intermountain Biorepository also has a multi-year modernization effort that is currently underway. Innovations to enhance the value of biospecimens through capturing, combining and curating multiple sources of data in the concept of a virtual repository will be explored.


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